Finishes - Wooden and Aluminium Frames

Maps are available in various versions or finishes, depending on the map product. Not all maps are available in all finishes and frames.

Some maps are only available as laminated and framed versions but not as flat paper maps, and some maps are only available with coloured aluminium frames but others are available with plain aluminium and a choice of attractive wooden frames.

The versions and finishes available for any map product are listed as options with the individual product.

Laminated maps are hard-wearing using a tough lamination which can be written on and wiped off with a suitable pen. If you have a cork or similar tiled wall or another similar backing, the laminated versions will also accept map pins which can be cheaper than buying a framed map.

Lamination for wall maps


Hanging Strips are plastic strips which slide on to the top and bottom of a laminated map, with the top strip also supplied with 1-3 plastic hooks to enable the map, complete with hanging strips, to be easily hung from a simple nail or pin in a suitable wall. The hanging strips are sometimes supplied separately from the ordered map and can involve an additional shipping charge. Hanging strips longer than around 85cm will need to be despatched by courier as these are too long for standard Royal Mail postage. This solution is a good option for small to medium sized maps, but not very practical for larger maps bigger than around 130cm (51 inches) square. The map is held in place by the pressure of the two sides of the top hanging strip and the map can slip out over time if it is too heavy, plus the very long strips just don't work as well as smaller sizes. For the very large maps it would be better to securely fix these to a suitable wall or choose a framed option or wallpaper mapping if available.

hanging strips for wall maps

One of our suppliers provides a selection of smart wooden frames in different colours and one plain colour aluminium frame. Their aluminium frame is the most popular option from their selection as it blends well with the decor of most rooms and is also the most practical for an office environment as the aluminium framed maps are securely fixed to a wall on all four corners which makes the map more stable if you plan to regularly use map pins and or write on or wipe off information from the map.

The wooden framed maps are usually attached to the wall using a cord, like hanging a picture, and come in a selection of colours, see below.

Light Wood:Light wood frame

Dark wood:Dark wood frame

Black wood:

Black wood frame

All framed maps are made to order bespoke products so are not returnable unless the map is faulty. Framed maps are also usually too vulnerable to be shipped overseas, or off-shore but a European wholesaler can be used for selected maps - please ask if you have a requirement for overseas delivery.